Monday, April 11, 2016


Well, you never know what the weather is going to be like, regardless of what the calendar says.  Here it is April, and we got snow! (Are we sure we set our clocks ahead, and not BACK a few months?!)

An odd time of year for it, but I just added a new recipe to the Winter page here on my blog.  Italian Beef Stew (click here to scroll down to find the recipe).  Even though it's spring, we snuggled up with a warm fire and a hot bowl of this rich and hearty stew this weekend. 

Stay warm! (Whatever the season!)

April in New England....not surprising...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy Easter!

Easter is such a happy occasion.  You can feel a lightness, an excitement, a joy in the air.  Many people have long-held family traditions for this holiday...the holiest of holy days.  How do you celebrate Easter? 

My family used to have traditions, but as relatives passed away, moved and so forth, the traditions sort of dissolved.  But it's still always a happy day.  I do miss my big family and the homemade (gigantic) raviolis, homemade pasta, ham, and of course, the Italian Easter pie (a savory dish, not sweet), but we still always manage to create a tasty meal to celebrate the day. 
This year we are doing ham, but not as a hot meal.  We are serving it room temp, with rolls, pickles, olives, chips and dip, carrots and hummus, potato salad, and deviled eggs.  In addition to a variety of fresh, soft rolls from the bakery to have with the ham, I am also trying a recipe from the Kings Hawaiian website, using their dinner rolls.  Check it out...   ~ Scroll down their page and check out their ham sandwich and ham slider recipes....don't those look good?  I'll come back later and let you know how they came out. 

For dessert this year we have my favorite carrot cake ever....with my favorite cream cheese frosting ever... It's my mother's recipe and it's the best.  Of course, I could be partial to it since I grew up with it.  I'll be posting the recipe in my Spring page, click here to get to it.  It's not a light cake.  You know how some cakes are light and airy, and then there are others that are more dense, like a pound cake?  Well, this one is like the pound cake of carrot cakes.  It is very heavy and dense, with a delicious batter packed full of finely grated carrots and walnuts.  It gets a nice crispy "crust" as it bakes (almost two hours!).  We haven't had it in quite a few years, and as I was making it yesterday, just smelling the grated carrots, then the cinnamon, oh, it smelled just like my childhood!  Then of course I had to test (taste) the batter.  Oh ~ so ~ good!  

My husband is not a fan of nuts (other than peanuts and cashews) which is one of the reasons I haven't bothered making the carrot cake in years.  So I made him one of his all time favorite desserts ~ peanut butter pie.  I'll be posting that in the 
Everyday Recipes page here on my blog (just scroll down to find it).  It is a pie recipe you can easily whip up, and I've made it for him for Thanksgiving before, for his birthday...any time he mentions being in the mood for it.  It seems to work for just about any occasion. Even "just because." 

Hopefully you got a chance to experience some of the traditions from your childhood Easters, from recipes, to coloring eggs, or to watching your favorite Easter specials. 

P.S. The Kings Hawaiian Rolls ham slider recipe was a hit! That might very well become a new Easter tradition.