Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Winter Wonderland

I am so lucky to be able to enjoy snow.  My husband does all the hard work of snow blowing, and I stay inside and make something yummy and warm. We got a beautiful storm the other night. I opened up the bedroom window and took a few pics, and enjoyed feeling the cold, snowy air that just always makes me happy for some reason.  My cat enjoyed it with me as well, sitting on the window sill, and we watched the snow fall.  But she would not cooperate once I started taking pictures with the flash going off.  I was hoping to get a pic of her too with the snowy background, but no such luck.  She jumped out the window and explored the winter-scape for about ten minutes before coming back in, wanting me to dry her off as the snow melted on her fur.  She is a total summer girl (like my daughter).  She hates the cold.  But even she can't resist at least a short venture outside in all that frozen awe and beauty of a midnight snowstorm.  But then she was right back inside, sprawled out in front of the wood stove.

As morning came...

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

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  1. I like snow too!!! It brings up many wonderful memories, and it's SO beautiful! But I wish it was possible to shorten the winter season here and still get lots of snow for a few months. Seems like lots of snow and long winters go together.